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The Bushwacker is a notorious cocktail made of rum, coffee and chocolate liqueurs, and vanilla ice cream. It's about as famous as the soft, sugar-white beaches of Gulf Shores and the surrounding areas. For those of us counting calories you can still have the taste of your favorite drink without all the calories. Although this coffee does not have any alcohol in it, the flavorings of cream of coconut and other proprietary flavorings along with the chocolate undertones will be inspired and full-bodied - making an excellent cup of strong coffee.

This is the kind of hot coffee that will take you on an adventure.

The Bushwacker flavored coffee is made with 100% Arabica beans that will be roasted and shipped on the same day - ensuring the highest quality and freshness for your brew. Now you can get the flavor of your favorite drink while you wake up in the morning or as a mid day coffee to help you refuel for the day, no matter what time of day your looking for a smooth cup of coffee the Bushwacker will suffice. However you want to enjoy it, Southernshorescoffee.com knows you will love the flavors it brings out!

12oz. Bag
$11.99 each

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