Kenya AA

From Southern Shores Coffee
Kenya AA coffee beans are some of the finest African coffee beans in the world, and their flavorful taste makes them stand out against other African coffees. If you prefer your coffee to have a medium roast, a sharp tang with a mildly stoic body, and you enjoy a smooth yet winy flavor consistency, this aromatic brew is perfect for you.

There are two basic factors that are primary to a good cup of Kenya coffee - the more obvious fruity notes and the underlying subtler flavors that give it a delicious taste. The Kenya AA is a complex coffee that is bright, multifaceted & alive! There is little or no bitterness, a smooth body, fairly high acidity and a wine like aftertaste. All in all, this is a bold cup bursting with vibrancy.

Kenya AA cupping notes Grapefruit, melon, fresh basil flavor.

12oz. Bag
$14.99 each
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